Faculty of Criminal Sciences / University of Sarajevo

Postal Address Fakultet kriminalistickih nauka Sarajevo
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Hertzegovina

Street Address Zmaja od Bosne 8
71000 Sarajevo

Phone and Fax Tel: 387 33 561 249
Fax: 387 33 561301

Staff Head librarian: Beba E. Rasidovic
E-Mail: brasidovic@fknbih.edu

Network/Online/CD Internet access / COBISS (Cooperative Online Bibliographic System and Services) installation on www.cobiss.ba

Collection Details Subjects Covered: Criminology, Criminal Justice, Policing, Law, Forensic Science, Varied Social Sciences
multilingual monograph holdings: 5000
Serial Holdings: 30
Inter-Library Loan Policy Please contact librarian for inter-library loan details.