Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security at University of Maribor

Postal Address 1000 Ljubljana
Street Address Kotnikova ulica 8
1000 Ljubljana
Telephone Phone: +386 1 3008 307

1 head librarian, 2 librarians
Head Librarian: Vladosa Zega
Librarians: Natasa Knap, Babara Erjavec
Contact Person for WCJLN: Natasa Knap (natasa.knap@fvv.uni-mb.si)


Networks: INTERNET
e-mail: (knjiznica@fvv.uni-mb.si)
Website: www.fvv.uni-mb.si
Online Systems Accessed: COBISS/OPAC (Cooperative Online Bibliographic Systems and Services / Online Public Access Catalogue)
Access to Collection: www.cobiss.si

Collection Details
  • Subjects Covered: The library systematically collects literature and all other materials relevant to the disciplines underpinning our study program (crime, criminology, criminal justice, criminal investigation, law, public administration, policing, security studies, national security, private security, intelligence, psychology, sociology, political studies and other related subjects)
  • Monograph Holdings : about 9,000
  • Serial Holdings: about 70 titles of serial publication
Other Services
  • User education for our freshmen students
  • Interlibrary loan
Inter-Library Loan Policy The library offers domestic and foreign inter-library loans