Administration of Justice

Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council

This is the official website of the Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council, which advises the government of New South Wales on justice issues related to Aboriginals. The site offers access to reports, publications, and the organization's newsletter; these are offered in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat for viewing. As of March 2012, the AJAC has mission has been transferred to a new practice. Users may still access archived items at this site.

Crime and Misconduct Commission

The Crime and Misconduct Commission's duty is to monitor, review, and initiate reform of the administration of criminal justice in Queensland. This website includes information about the operations of the CMC, such as the Criminal Justice Act of 1989, Annual Reports for the years 1990-2000, and Strategic Plans for 2000 through 2004. The site includes access to publications of both predecessor organizations, as well as information on its own core functions and purposes.

Department of Attorney General

The website covers (1) courts, tribunals and boards, (2) births, deaths and marriages, (3) fines and infringements, (4) justices of the peace, (5) guardianship, administration and advocacy, (6) wills, estates and trusts, (7) support for victims, (8) court support, (9) child witness service, (10) compensation, (11) victim impact statement, (12) State Solicitor's Office, (13) Parliamentary Counsel's Office.

Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse

This clearinghouse provides a single entry point to a range of Indigenous justice research resources. Developed as a collaborative partnership between the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Attorney General’s Department of NSW, and endorsed by the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General, the aim of the clearinghouse is to promote discussion and disseminate relevant Indigenous justice information to government policymakers and those working in the Indigenous justice field. Features of the website include: an online forum for exchanging informal knowledge between decision makers, researchers and practitioners; a register of Indigenous justice resources; concise briefs on existing research and evaluations; and identification of areas where further research is needed.

Child Abuse

The National Child Protection Clearinghouse

This website provides a variety of publications and resources regarding child abuse in Australia.


Australian Correctional Agencies and Facilities

Includes links to correctional services of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory.

Department of Corrective Service

The website covers: (1) adult offenders in custody, (2) adult offenders in the community, (3) juvenile offenders in detention, (4) juvenile offenders in the community, and (5) support for victims.

Intellectual Disability in the Victorian Prison System

This paper examines and compares the characteristics of a group of prisoners with an intellectual disability in the Victorian prison system with a group that does not have an intellectual disability. It highlights a number of significant differences between offenders in the mainstream prison population and those with an intellectual disability.

New South Wales Department of Corrective Services

Describes the work of the Department, including information on correctional centres, probation and parole, and the Corrective Services Industries. Includes the full text of the agency's latest annual report.

Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services

This website includes the Office's annual report and several inspection reports.

Outcomes for NSW periodic detention orders commenced 2003-2004

This study investigated outcomes for periodic detention orders commenced 2003-04, and whether these outcomes could be examined by offender characteristics such as demographic characteristics, sentence details and previous sentencing history.

Corruption, Cybercrime & Fraud

Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity

The Integrity Commissioner, supported by the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI), is responsible for preventing, detecting and investigating serious and systemic corruption issues in the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission. This website includes relevant legislation, links, PDF files of reports, submissions ans speeches.

Australian High Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC) - Under Construction as of 3/2013 -

"The AHTCC provides a nationally coordinated approach to high tech crime. Its brief is to combat serious and complex high tech crimes, especially those beyond the capability of a single jurisdiction."

Australian National Audit Office

The Australian National Audit Office "provides professional and independent audit advice and assuance to the Parliament, Ministers and public sector entities." Includes the full text of audit reports, better practice guides, and the latest annual report.

Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)

Government agency working on the identification and deterrence of financially motivated crime. Site includes a searchable database, agency annual reports, newsletters and AUSTRAC publications.

Independent Commission Against Corruption

The Independent Commission Against Corruption "exposes and minimises corruption in the New South Wales public sector through investigation, corruption prevention and education." Site contains full text of many ICAC reports, as well as summaries of all ICAC publications.

Courts & the Law

Australian Law Reform Commission

Agency working for reform of Commonwealth laws and legal processes. Includes a list of publications, searchable database, and an extensive list of links to other law reform sources in Australia. Contains full text of many of the Commission's reports.

Australian Legal Information Institute

The site contains legislation and case law from all the Australian state and federal courts and New Zealand Court of Appeal decisions from 1999.

Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

The Director of Public Prosecutions "provides a prosecution service to the Commonwealth and the people of Australia which is fair, independent, accountable, effective and efficient in order to advance social justice by deterring and discouraging breaches of Commonwealth law and ensuring that serious offenders are brought to justice." Site includes information on the agency, as well as recent annual reports.

Guide to Law Online, Australia

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

The Judicial Commission of New South Wales

The Commission's principal functions are assisting the courts to achieve consistency in sentencing and organization and supervision of an appropriate scheme of continuing education and training of judicial officers.  Website includes research monographs and reports on sentencing trends.

Judicial Conference of Australia

The Judicial Conference of  Australia draws its membership from judges and magistrates in Australia.  The JCA is concerned with education and research relating to the judiciary and the quality and accessibility of the judicial system.  The website includes press releases and publications of the organization.

Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales

The Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales is a statutory body whose purpose is to "advance the fairness and equity of the justice system and to improve access to justice, especially for socially and economically disadvantaged people."  The site has information about the Foundation's activities and research and profiles of members of the Board of Governors.  Details are given of ongoing and completed projects along with copies of the Foundation's newsletters, bulletins and annual reports.

LawLink NSW

LawLink NSW is maintained by the New South Wales Attorney General's Department. In addition to legal information, it contains useful information on crime prevention resources.

Law Reform Commission of Western Australia

This site offers reports for purchase on various law-related topics, as well as a list of upcoming conferences and issues of interest to legal reformers.

New South Wales Law Reform

This website includes several pages of useful material for researchers, as well as information regarding day-to-day legal issues.

NSW Sentencing Council

The New South Wales Sentencing Council is an independent public body that advises and consults with the Attorney General in connection with sentencing matters.  The website includes relevant news releases and the various publications of the Council.

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW)

The principal functions and responsibilities of the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions are: (a) to institute the conduct, on behalf of the Crown, prosecutions for indictable offences (under NSW laws) in the Supreme Court and the District Court; (b) to institute and conduct, on behalf of the Crown, appeals in any court in respect of any such prosecution; and (c) to conduct on behalf of the Crown as respondent, any appeal in any court in respect of any such prosecution.

Sentencing Advisory Council (Victoria)

The Sentencing Advisory Council is an independent statutory body whose function is to provide statistical information on sentencing; conduct research and disseminate information on sentencing matters; gauge public opinion on sentencing; council on sentencing matters; advise the Attorney General on sentencing issues; and provide Court of Appeal with the council's written views on the giving, or view, of a guideline judgment.  The website provides access to the various publications of the Council..

Queensland Law Reform Commission

This site includes reports on a handful of criminal justice topics, such as evidence and the role of justices.

Victorian Law Reform Commission

This website includes reports on criminal liability for self-induced intoxication and restitution for victims of crime.

Crime Prevention

ACRO - Australia's National Crime Prevention Organisation

A not-for-profit organisation working for the reduction of crime and creation of a safer community. Site contains a useful list of agency publications.

Crime Prevention Queensland

This site, part of the Queensland Crime Prevention Strategies - Building Safer Communities program, offers access to several publications on crime prevention techniques in Queensland, as well as access to related governmental websites. One of the program's mandates is publication of crime prevention research and information.

National Crime Prevention Programme

National Crime Prevention, a government initiative, is a research and action program designed to prevent crime and violence in Australian communities. Contains full text of many of the agency's publications.

Domestic Violence

Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse

The Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse " provides a central point for the collection and dissemination of Australian domestic and family violence policy, practice and research." Includes quarterly newsletters and topical papers.

National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children

A part of the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, the National Plan works to provide advice to Government on measures to reduce the incidence and impact of domestic and family violence and sexual assault on women and their children, and provide a draft "National Plan."

Drugs & Alcohol

Australian Drug Information Network

This network funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aging contains a searchable database of over 1,500 articles relating to drugs.

Australian response to illicit drugs: Drug Courts - Australian Institute of Criminology

The Australian Institute of Criminology's website includes a page on Drug Courts, with links to relevant legislation and other information.

Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia

Drug & Alcohol Services South Australia offers a range of prevention, treatment, information, education and community-based services.  The website includes a number of research publications dealing with issues related to illicit drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals.

Drug Policy Modelling Program - University of New South Wales

The DPMP website is designed for both policy makers and researchers. It serves to provide information on illicit drug policies and tools for policy makers but also on the current and completed work of the DPMP research team. The DPMP website contains comprehensive information about illicit drug policies including: links to national and state policy documents, statistical data on drug use, analysis of policy options, and tools and methods for researchers and policy makers.

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC)

Funded by the Commonwealth Government, NDARC's mission is to "contribute towards an increase in the effectivenes of interventions for drug and alcohol problems in Australia." Includes a list of NDARC publications.

National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund

The National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund (NDLERF) promotes quality evidence-based practice in drug law enforcement to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of licit and illicit drug use in Australian society.  A key aim of NDLERF is to promote collaboration between the law enforcement sector and researchers.  Publications of the organization are available on the website.

NSW Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy

Druginfo is the official New South Wales Government website on drug issues. It outlines Government policies on drugs including factsheets on illicit drugs, information on legal issues, plus information on the role of parents, families, and the broader community in reducing drug abuse.

Register of Australian Drug and Alcohol Research (RADAR)

RADAR aims to promote awareness of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs research in Australia.  The register contains up-to-date records of completed research projects with details of published research.

Western Australia Drug & Alcohol

Includes the agency's strategy against drug abuse, fact sheets, and a list of research papers on issues concerned with drug problems in Western Australia.

Firearms is hosted by the Sydney School of Public Health, the University of Sydney. The School provieds internationally recognised leadership in public health by advancing and disseminating knowledge -- in this case, supporting global efforts to prevent gun injury. With its partners and contributors, promotes the public health model of firearm injury prevention, as adopted by the United Nations Programme of Action on illicit small arms..

Human Rights

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice

Established in 1993 by the Australian government "in response to issues of discrimination and disadvantage highlighted by the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and HREOC's National Inquiry into Racist Violence." Site includes many Human Rights Commission publications in electronic format; information on indigenous deaths in custody; the Commissioner's annual reports on indigenous social justice; and up-to-date statistics on indigenous issues, such as juvenile justice and deaths in custody.

Human Trafficking

Child Wise - ECPAT in Austrailia

Child Wise is a charitable organization working to prevent and reduce the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Australia and overseas.  The website highlights the work of the organization and includes copies of news releases and the organization's newsletter as well as a list of publications.

Juvenile Justice

Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies

The ACYS collects and publishes information on Australian youth issues.

NSW Department of Juvenile Justice

The NSW Department of Juvenile Justice supervises and cares for young offenders in the community and in detention centres.  The website includes a number of publications provided by the agency. 

Young Offenders - NSW Law Reform Commission$file/r104.pdf

This report examines the main legislation governing the sentencing of young offenders: the Young Offenders Act 1997 (NSW) and the Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 (NSW). It explores the philosophy, practice and procedure of the juvenile justice system and makes recommendations for the reform of these and other statutes relating to the sentencing of young offenders.

Organized Crime

Australian Crime Commission (ACC)

The ACC was launched in 2003 to improve Australia's ability to meet the threats posed by nationally significant crime. The ACC aims to reduce the incidence and impact of serious and organized criminal activity. Some publications are available in full-text pdf format, including: the ACC Annual Report, the Illicit Drug Data Report, and the Australian Illicit Drug Report. Links to related sites are also available.

Police & Law Enforcement

Australian Federal Police

The principal law enforcement agency for the Australian Commonwealth. Includes the full text of the latest annual reports and articles from Platypus: Journal of the AFP.

Australian Institute of Police Management

The Institute provides executive leadership and management development opportunities to improve the corporate performance and productivity of Australasian law enforcement and allied agencies.

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security

CEPS, which is headquartered at Griffith University at Brisbane, has four major research programs: "Generate Insights helps to better understand state-centric and transnational threats that challenge Australia's security; Assess & Evaluate “takes stock” of existing legislation, policy and practice to determine the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches; Innovate & Test develops and tests new and innovative tools, techniques and practices to reduce crime, minimise threats, harness technologies and enhance wellbeing; Integrate & Implement furthers the discipline of Integration and Implementation Sciences."

Institute for Social Science Research - Policing and Security

The Policing and Security research program at the University of Queensland's Institute for Social Science Research seeks to reduce crime and disorder, increase quality of life and improve community self regulation by conducting high-quality research into conflict, crime, policing and security. The Research Program consists of a multi-disciplinary team of research scholars with expertise in experimental criminology, urban criminological theories, survey methods, advanced multi-level statistics and spatial statistics.

New South Wales Police Integrity Commission

The Police Integrity Commission is a completely independent agency and was established by the NSW Parliament on the recommendation of the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service.  Its principal functions are to detect, investigate and prevent police misconduct, and as far as practicable, it is required by law to turn its attention to serious police misconduct by NSW police officers.  This website includes a number of reports issued by the Commission.

New South Wales Police Service

Offers facts and figures about the NSW Police Service. Annual Reports from 1999-2000 to the present are available on-line.

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Information on the general work of the Northern Territory Police Service is provided under the police section of this site.

Police Association of South Australia

An organisation of sworn members of the South Australian Police. Includes full text of "Current Issues Papers" of the PASA; articles from the association's "Police Journal"; and links to the reports of the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service.

Queensland Police Service

Presents an overview of the structure and functions of the Queensland Police Service.

South Australia Police

Includes the latest annual report of the agency, as well as crime statistics for South Australia.

Tasmania Department of Police & Public Safety

Sections include an overview of the Tasmanian police, the latest annual report, the Aboriginal Strategic Plan, and the latest annual business plan.

Tasmamia Institute of Law Enforcement Studies (TILES)

The Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies (TILES), formed by the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Department of Police and Public Safety (DPPS), is based in the School of Government, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Tasmania. And, a key aim of of TILES is to promote collaboration between the law enforcement sector and researchers both nationally and internationally. The website includes information on completed and current projects as well as some full text publications.

Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission - Victoria

The primary purpose of IBAC is to strengthen the integrity of the Victorian public sector, and to enhance community confidence in public sector accountability. IBAC is Victoria's first anti-corruption body with responsibility for identifying and preventing serious corrupt conduct across the whole public sector, including members of Parliament, the judiciary and the local government. IBAC also has a broad oversight role in relation to police personnel misconduct and an important education function to proactively assit public sector agencies to improve their systems and processes to prevent corrupt conduct.

Victoria Police

Contains general information on the Victoria Police, annual reports of the agency, and crime statistics.

Western Australia Police Service

The latest annual report of the Police Service is available, as well as general information about the agency.

Research & Statistics

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australia's official statistical organisation. After going to the section on statistics, look for the section on social statistics.

Australian Institute of Criminology

The Institute is the "national focus for the study of crime and criminal justice in Australia and for the dissemination of criminal justice information." Includes full-text versions of many AIC publications, as well as directories of Australian researchers of crime and criminal justice and criminal justice libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

Campbell Crime and Justice Coordinating Group

The Campbell Crime and Justice Group is an international group of individuals that prepare, update, and rapidly disseminate reviews of research conducted worldwide on effective methods of reducing crime and improving justice.

Crime and Justice Research Network

The network was initiated in 2004 by the Standing Committee of Criminal Justice System Chief Executive Officers to promote evidence-based policy making across the justice sector.  The Network actively disseminates research and conducts a series of research seminars.  The website includes information on forthcoming projects, and justice research and data in NSW.

Crime Research Centre

Established within the Law School at the University of Western Australia, the Centre is a joint initiative between the State government and the University. The Centre publishes annual crime and justice statistics, as well as evaluative criminal justice research focusing on Western Australia. Site lists published reports of the Centre and general crime statistics for Western Australia.

Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance

The Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance is an interdisciplinary research centre that was initially established with ARC funding. Positioned in Griffith University’s Arts, Education & Law Group, the Centre is home to scholars who engage in research on values-based reforms in institutional, organizational and community governance that reduce social injustices and improve individual, environmental and societal safety and well-being. Research programs focus on institutional and organizational governance, ethical standard setting, human development, crime and corruption prevention, and the operations of institutions of justice.

Law Research: Scale Pulse

This legal information retrieval system contains information on legislations and various legal documents of the Commonwealth and non self-governing Territories.

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

The statistical and research agency within the NSW Attorney General's Department. Provides NSW crime and court statistics on-line, a list of agency publications, and full-text of recent issues of the agency's publication entitled Crime and Justice Bulletin, as well as summaries of recent research reports.

South Australian Office of Crime Statistics and Research (OCSAR)

The South Australian Office of Crime Statistics & Research (OCSAR) was established within the Attorney General's Department in 1978 and is responsible for research into and the monitoring of crime trends and the criminal justice system within the state.  This website includes a number of publications of the agency including a wide range of statistical reports.

The Sydney Institute of Criminology

The Sydney Insititute of Criminology website includes information about the Institute's publications, seminar series and research.

Restorative Justice

Australian Justice Reinvestment Project

The AJR Project draws together senior researchers across the disciplines of law and criminology to examine justice reinvestment programs in other countries and analyse whether such programs can be developed in Australia..

Centre for Restorative Justice

Located in the Research School of Social Sciences, under the umbrella of the Regulatory Institutions Network, the Centre conducts theoretical and empirical research on restorative justice. Full-text documents are available on a variety of restorative justice topics.

Restorative Justice in Australia

Site provides an Australian perspective on restorative justice; links to other sites; and access to full-text reports on related topics.