Law & the Courts

Corporacion Excelencia en la Justicia

This private, non-profit organization was created in 1996 to foster change in the area of justice in Colombia. Membership includes universities, research centers, trade organizations, private companies, media organizations and other professionals interested in fomenting citizen participation and strengthening the justice system in Colombia. The site contains information on the different programs, projects, forums and seminars offered by the institution. Also includes an index of publications, and a section with judicial indicators in Colombia and the region, in aspects such as evolution of the demand for judicial attention, average processing times, judicial budgers in Andean countries, prison population, crimes and other material. In Spanish.

Guide to Law Online, Colombia

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

Judicial Branch

This website contains information on the operation and organization of the courts and sections on the Supreme Court, judicial Council, Constitutional Court and the Council of State. It features a search engine for case law and a directory of attorneys, agreements, notifications and publications. Users may also access data on the Judicial Academy, judicial career, networks, news and a list of related links. In Spanish.

Ministerio del Interiory de Justicia

This website includes pages on organization and structure of the courts, reports, links to other justice-related sites, and more. In Spanish.

National Penitentiary and Prison Institute

Information and statistics on prisons in Colombia. In Spanish.

Public Defender's Office

This official website provides background information and a description of the institution's roles and that of the Defensor. Users may browse an online library with catalogue, special reports, news, communiques, speeches and links. In Spanish and English.

Public Prosecutor's Office

This site provides information on the institution and criminal investigations as well as a directory and organizational flowchart and links to community services, the Future Colombia program and the Rodrigo Lara Bonilla library. Users may browse background information on the attorney general and biography, press releases, speeches and other activities of the Attorney General, press conferences, special reports, statistics, links and complete information on the criminal reform process. In Spanish.

Report of Justice

Presents a brief overview of the judicial system and procedures.

Police & Law Enforcement

Policía Nacional (National Police)

This website (in Spanish) includes pages on organization, programs, publications, media resources, and links.

Research & Statistics

CERAC - Centro de Recursos para el Análisis de Conflictos (Conflict Analysis Resource Center)

The Conflict Analysis Resource Centre (CERAC) is a private research organization specialized in data-intensive studies of conflict and criminal violence. CERAC currently has five research lines which focus on (1) Human Security Measurement, (2) Conflict Analysis, (3) Conflict Measurement, (4) Urban Security, and (5) Demographic Impact of Violence and Conflict in Colombia. Available to download are publications and resources including reports, bibliographies, and datasets. In English and Spanish.