Administration of Justice

Ministry of Interior Affairs

The Ministry of Interior Affairs website offers information on the internal security issues. The site is available in Estonian, Russian and English.

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice website offers information on the court system, prisons, and crime prevention. The site is available in Estonian and English.

Riigikogu, the Parliament of the Republic of Estonia

Information about the history, functions, and on how its members are elected. Data are presented about the composition of the Riigikogu, its functions and Committees.


Prisons Department - Ministry of Justice

This site offers information about Estonian prisons. The site is available in Estonian, Russian and English.

Drugs & Alcohol

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) - Country Overview

The EMCDDA country overview provides a structured synopsis about the trends and characteristics of the national drug problem. It consistes of a summary of the national drug situation, key statistics at a glance and a barometer showing the drug use prevalence position of Estonia.

Law & the Courts

Courts Department - Ministry of Justice

A link from the Ministry of Justice, this page offers four portals for practical information, general information, lawyers and news all in regards to information and links relating to Estonian Courts. In English, Estonian and Russian.

Guide to Law Online, Estonia

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

Prosecutor's Office (In Estonian)

Supreme Court

Official website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Estonia. Provides a general overview of the court system, statistics, and full text of constitutional decisions.

Police & Law Enforcement

Border Guard Office

Includes basic information as to the structure of Estonian border guard and functions. In Estonian.

Data Protection Inspectorate

This website contains information as to the form and function of the Inspectorate, as well as annual reports, guidelines and legislation. In English and Estonian.

Estonian Police

Includes basic information as to the structure of Estonian police departments and functions. In English and Estonian.

(The Security Police Board)

This site presents general information on Estonia and the work of the Security Police Board.  The responsibilities of the Board include fighting corruption, combating terrorism, the protection of state secrets, and the processing of information concerning activities against the state.  The site includes photos of the "the most wanted," as well as a short history of the Board.  The site is available in Estonian, English, French, and German.

Research & Statistics

Guide to Estonian Legal System and Legal Research

Contains information as to the form and function of the legal system, as well as links to legal documents, legislation and other parts of law.

Statistical Office of Estonia

Contains crime statistics on offenses registered by the police, persons under prosecution, discovery rate, indicators of work of the State Prosecutor's Office, convicts, and persons detained in penal institutions.