Administration of Justice

Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

The Ministry of Home Affairs webpage provides links to a variety of police and security forces, as well as the National Crime Records Bureau and Directorate of Coordination Police Wireless (DCPW).

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - India

Provides information and links to other sources of information on population, crime, and drugs in India.


Tihar Prisons

Official website of Delhi Prisons, Tihar.  Information on history, infrastructure, prisoners' profile, and reformation available.

Human Rights

National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi

This website provides a variety of information regarding human rights of India, such as Human Rights Act, Human Rights cases, and research studies and projects.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice Initiative

This website provides a variety of information regarding juvenile justice in India. Included here are reports, presentations, and relevant legislation.

Law & the Courts

Guide to Law Online, India

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

Indian Parliament

The Indian Parliament page contains information regading the President of India, the Council of States, and the House of the People. In Hindi and English.

Judgment Information System (JUDIS)

This website includes links to various branches of the Indian Judiciary, including the Supreme Court of India.

Ministry of Law & Justice - Department of Justice

Department of Justice links to India, the states, and the union territories are provided.

Law Relating to Children in India

Law relating to Children in India are presented in PDF and include the National Policy for Children (1974), the Juvenile Justice Act (2000), and the Indian Government's National Charter for Children.

The Supreme Court of India

Provides an in-depth look at the history, functions and jurisdictions of the Supreme Court of India.

Police & Law Enforcement

Bureau of Police Research and Development - Human Values and Police Behaviour

This training publication for police use, series 1 -23, is intended to help police officers understand both the citizenry and themselves.

Central Bureau of Investigation

Includes information regarding the duties of the bureau, its history, and statistics, in addition to providing a few significant cases and their verdicts.

Central Reserve Police Force

Home page for the Central Reserve Police Force of India.

Dehli Police

Home page for the Dehli Police. Includes press releases, law references and other information.

Dehli Traffic Police

Home page for the Dehli Traffic Police. Includes history, press releases, law references and other information.

National Police Academy

Describes the academy and offers great links to police sites in India as well as police sites outside of India.

National Police Organizations

Provided by the Dehli Police, this website provides links to the webpages of state police forces and central police forces.

Research & Statistics

Bureau of Police Research and Development

The BPR&D was set up in furtherance of the goal to modernize Indian police forces. At present, it has four divisions: research, development, training and correctional administration. Visitors to the site have access to publications and links.

Guide to India's Legal Research and Legal System

This webpage provides an extensive examination of the history of the Indian legal system as well as providing information about important legal sources and legal websites.

Violent Crime

Indian Armed Violence Assessment (IAVA)

The Indian Armed Violence Assessment (IAVA) promotes research on all forms of armed violence, from cross-border terrorism, domestic insurgencies, and militant separatism to less publicized risks to individuals, such as crime, social conflict, and gendered violence. Visitors to the site have access to publications and links.