Administration of Justice

Jamaica Information Office

The Jamaica Information Office provides news and information about policies of the Jamaican government. It includes access to news on all aspects of Jamaica, including transcripts and audio files of speeches by the Prime Minister. Links are also provided to departments and agencies in the Jamaican government.

Jamaican Justice System Reform Task Force - Final Report

This report offers the findings and recommendations of the Jamaican Justice System Reform Task Force, completed in June 2007.

Ministry of Justice, Jamaica

The Ministry of Justice has overall responsibility of Government to deliver justice by: (1) protecting the constitutional rights of citizens, (2) maintaining the independence of the judicial system, (3) reinforcing confidence in the legal institutions, (4) carrying out law reform to effect greater social justice, (5) providing means of redress when people are abused by organs of the state.  The website includes information on the various divisions of the ministry as well as a section on the laws of Jamaica.

Ministry of National Security, Jamaica

The mission of the Ministry of National Security is "to facilitate and promote the maintenance of law and order, the safe-keeping and rehabilitation of offenders, and the protection of the country against internal and external threats."  The website includes some general crime statistics, a copy of the proceeds of Crime Acts (2005), and general information on the work and statistics of the organization.

Report of Justice

Presents a brief overview of the justice system and procedures.


Department of Correctional Services

This website includes an overview of the Department of Correctional Services as well as a description of the programs and service provided to inmate.  Recent statistics of the correctional population in Jamaica are given.

Drugs & Alcohol

National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA)

This website includes reports and research on the NCDA's work on drug abuse in Jamaica.

Human Rights

Jamaicans for Justice

"The organization arose out of the gas riots of April 16, 1999. It was felt that there was a need for a citizens’ rights action group to address the frustrations of the Jamaican people. Such frustrations included many instances of alleged corruption in the public sphere, apparent miscarriages of justice in the judicial system and imbalances in the socio-economic system. On August 19, 1999 four months after one of the most tempestuous times in the recent history of the country, JFJ, a self-mandated, non-profit, non-partisan, non-violent, action-oriented citizens' rights group, came into being; two months, thereafter, on October 15, it was officially a legal entity."

Law & the Courts

Guide to Law Online, Jamaica

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

The Supreme Court of Jamaica

Website of the Supreme Court of Jamaica, which includes the laws of Jamaica, Supreme Court judgments, and links to related agencies.

Office of the Public Defender

Office website offering institutional information, a history of the concept of public offense, and descriptions of the institutions charged with public defense in Jamaica. Users may also access the full text of the Public Defender's Act and contact information and submit complaints to the office by completing an online form.

Police & Law Enforcement

Jamaica Constabulary Force

Gives general information about the goals of the Constabulary Force in Jamaica. Also provides statistics on the changes in crime rates over a two-year period.