Administration of Justice

Ministry of Justice - Republic of Korea

The official website of the Minsitry of Justice, visitors can access information about the form and function of the Ministry, read answers to frequently asked questions, news and other useful information. In English, also available in Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


Correction Bureau

This website, sponsored by the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Justice, offers access to information on correctional facilities in Korea, as well as contact information, the status of medical care for prisoners, education and vocational training, and more.

Korean Correctional Service

This website offers extensive information about inmate treatment and processing, and the prison industry. In English and Korean.

Korean Probation and Parole Office

This site provides a brief history of probation and parole, an organizational chart of the Probation and Parole Office and an explanation of its tasks, and a detailed description of probation and parole in Korea.  Available in Korean, Japanese, and English.

Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Protection Education Institution

The Juvenile Training School is a juvenile protection and education facility for young offenders between the ages of 12 and 20 who have been charged with a protective disposition by the court.  This site provides an overview of the Juvenile Training School program and its tasks.  In Korean and English.

Law & the Courts

Guide to Law Online, South Korea

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

Supreme Court of Korea

The official website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea. The court is based in Seoul, consists of 13 justices, and hears appeals from High Courts and appellate divisions of district courts. A structural overview of the Korean court system is provided, along with an outline of judicial procedure and summaries of key court decisions.

Supreme Public Prosecutors Office

Provides an overview of the legal process and role of the prosecutor. Information is available on Korea's drug situation with statistics. In Korean and English.

Police & Law Enforcement

Korean National Police

Provides information on the history, organization, and mission of the Korean National Police.  Also provides crime statistics by police district.  Korean and English.

Research & Statistics

Korean Institute of Criminal Justice Policy

A public organization established to "assist in policy formulation" and "to conduct scientific and comprehensive studies for the development of criminal justice policies." The viewer can do a keyword search on their digital library and view full-text publications, and can also view contents of issues of Korean Criminological Review and full text abstracts. The home page is in Korean but offers a link to an English mirror page.

Korean Legal Research Resources On the Internet

Information on judiciary and law publications in Korea.

Korean Government Statistical Website

The Korean government's integrated statistical one-stop service based on comprehensive database from government agencies and government designated institutes. Presents national major statistics, such as land, population, climate, GNP, GNI, consumer price index, exports, employment, housing, transportation, education, crime, energy, market, and others. The database allows users to do additional analysis such as time-series, increase rates, and graph generation. Statistics may be searched by keyword, region, institution, and/or material type. Provides a list of agencies and institutes conducting stastistics in and out the country. Also includes information on national standards, statistical laws, and glossary via a link to Korea National Statistical Office.  In English.

Overview of the North Korean Legal System and Legal Research

Information on judiciary and law publications in Korea.

South Korean Law Research on the Internet

Information on judiciary and law publications in Korea.