Administration of Justice

Rule of Law in Malawi

This website provides access to the following: Anti-Corruption Bureau; Judiciary of Malawi; the Malawi Law Commission; the Malawi Crime Service, and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.


Malawi Prison Service

This website provides information about the background and organization of the service, along with information about rehabilitation, administration, legislation and farming.

Law & the Courts

Judiciary of Malawi

The website of the Judiciary of Malawi provides access to the civil and criminal judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal and the High Court of Malawi.  The site includes a copy of the Malawi Constitution and a list of all the courts in Malawi.

Police & Law Enforcement

Malawi Police Service

The official website of the Malawi Police Service offers information as to the form and functions of the police. Also available are links to legislation and other policies and mandatesi.

Research & Statistics

National Statistical Office of Malawi

This website provides statistical information on Malawi, including latest information, sources, and details about the NSO.

Overseas Security Advisory Council - Crime & Safety Reports (2008)

This Crime & Safety Report is an annual report written by U.S. Regional Security Officers about the current environment overseas. Also available are links to other reports and foreign embassies.