Administration of Justice

Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia

Official Website of the Attorney General of Malaysia whose role is to advise the Malaysian government on legal matters. The site provides information on the roles and responsibilities of the Attorney General and details the work of the different divisions of the Attorney General's Office including the civil, advisory, drafting, prosecution, international affairs, law revision and law reform divisions.

CIA Worldfact Book - Malaysia

This page provides a social, political, demographic and economic overview of Malaysia. The guide is divided into several key sections: introduction; geography; people; government; economy; communications; transportation; military; and transnational Issues.


Jabatan Penjara Malaysia

This website offers information on prisons within Malaysia. In Malaysian and English.

Human Rights

Human Rights Commission of Malaysia

Official Website that includes archives of surveys and polls, annual and visitation reports, and links to other international human rights organization. In Bahasa Malysia and English.

Law & the Courts

Malaysian Judiciary

Information regarding the members of the judiciary; registrars of the Federal Court, the High Court, and the Court of Appeal; and the role, structure, and contact information of the Malaysian courts are provided. In English.

Research & Statistics

An Overview of Malaysian Legal System and Research

This overview provides information about legislative, executive and judicial authority as well as notes on finding primary Malaysian legal sources.

Overseas Security Advisory Council - Crime & Safety Report (2008)

This Crime & Safety Report is an annual report written by U.S. Regional Security Officers about the current environment overseas. Also available are links to other reports and foreign embassies.