Administration of Justice

Citizen's Institute for the Study of Insecurity (ICESI)

This webpage provides statistics, proposals, publications and links. In Spanish only.

Report of Justice

Presents a brief overview of the judicial system and procedures.

Corruption & Fraud

Cybercrime Legislation - Country Profile

These profiles have been prepared within the framework of the Council of Europe’s Project on Cybercrime in view of sharing information on cybercrime legislation and assessing the current state of implementation of the Convention on Cybercrime under national legislation.

Justice in Mexico Project

This Justice in Mexico Project is a research project by the Trans-Border Institute (TBI) dedicated to the rule of law and justice reform in Mexico. This website provides information about Mexican media on justice reform; non-governmental, academic and public institutions devoted to the analysis of the Mexican justice system; data and maps on major indicators of crime, victimization, order and rule of law. In English.

Drugs & Alcohol

Consejo Nacional contra las Adicciones (CONADIC)

This website contains information on the CONADIC's organization, background and operation, as well as research and statistics and information on activities. In Spanish and English.

Human Rights

National Human Rights Commission

This website contains information on the Commission's organization, background and operation, as well as special reports and information on activities. It also provides a definition and description of human rights and access to publications, legal information, and press releases as well as special sections on issues related to crime victims, women, children and family. In Spanish.

Law & the Courts

Attorney General's Office

The website provides access to information on the institution's organization, structure and functioning, as well as comprehensive data on each area and a classification of crimes processed by this organization. Users may review information on the administration of resources, development and institutional innovation, staff selection, training and education, and the organization's communication strategy. The website also contains a Decalogue of work, statistics, links, news and up-dated newsletters and a special site for chidren. Available in flash and HTML. Spanish and English.

Federal Judicial Council

This website, which was created by the Council as part of its modernation strategy, offers users information on the background, structure and functions of the institution, as well as access to minutes and decisions, bidding process, and progress reports submitted by the Council and othe judicial branch organizations. Services include searches of agreements, lists of decisions and council sessions, a directory of judges, and public calls for applications. News and links are also available. In Spanish.

Mexico City Prosecutor's Office

This website contains data on the history, function, objectives and structure of the institution, statistics on prosecution, and a complete section of services including a temporary shelter for children and a victims' assistance program.

National Commssion of Superior Courts

This website offers users access to all legislation passed by the Mexican government, resolutions emitted by different jurisdictional bodies, judicial criteria, and recent news in the justice sector. In Spanish.

National Public Defender's Institute

This website includes information on the organization's history, legal framework, objectives and strcture. It also contains agreement, progress reports, and news. In Spanish.

Supreme Court

This website offers access to official Supreme Court reports with statistics on case filings and dispositions, specific statistics for the First and Second Chambers, bidding processes, and publicatins on the justice sector. It also provides essential information on the structure and fuctions Court, a section for online queries and a database with a directory of ministries, jurisprudence, federal legislation, agreements, session records, and other information. News and press release and links to related websites are also included. In Spanish.

Organized Crime

The Mexico Project

Includes information on organized crime, crime in the Americas, as well as the history of Mexico and its current relationship with the United States.

Research & Statistics

An Electronic Guide to Mexican Law

This guide offers information about the Mexican legal system and government, as well as providing links to government websites and translation sites.

Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies, Project on Reforming the Administration of Justice in Mexico

This webpage contains a series of papers that were originally presented at the conference on "Reforming the Administration of Justice in Mexico" at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies in 2003.  Reports can be downloaded in PDF format; some are in English and some are in Spanish.

El Instituto Nacianal de Estadistica, Geografia e Informatica (INEGI)

National Institute of Statistics webpage includes general demographic statistics as well as economic statistics and other indicators.

Instituto de Investigaciones Juridicas

Includes information on the administration of justice in Mexico, and also includes a library of justice materials.

Mexican Society of Criminology of the State of Nuevo Leon, NGO

This website offers links, a blog, and connection to the magazine Criminology, Criminalistics, and Private Security.

Statistical Information on Crime and Justice about Mexico

Contains statistical information on crime and justice in Mexico.  In English and Spanish.