Human Rights

Country of Origin Information - UK Home Office

Key Documents - April 2007

The COI service provides information on aslyum seekers' country of origin for use by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials at all stages of the asylum determination process. This link is to an abbreviated report about human rights issues, as well as geographical, economic and historical information.

Law & the Courts

Supreme Court of Nepal

The official website of the Supreme Court of Nepal contains information about the court and its organization and activities as well as Nepalese law and legal materials. In English and Nepalese.

Police & Law Enforcement

Armed Police Force

Website of the Armed Police Force includes information about the force, their role and history, human rights information, welfare, and the role of women in the APF.

Nepal Police

Website of the Nepal Police force includes information about the force, their role and history, basic facts about Nepal, a crime report and news articles related to police and crime updated regularly and a map of Nepal. The site also offers a Nepali font free for download.

Research & Statistics

Overseas Security Advisory Council - Crime & Safety Report (2008)

This Crime & Safety Report is an annual report written by U.S. Regional Security Officers about the current environment overseas. Also available are links to other reports and foreign embassies.