Administration of Justice

Ministry of Justice

Includes a list of online publications related to crime and justice topics.


Department of Corrections

Includes statistics and publications, as well as links to related sites.

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Unit

Provides information on communities and crime prevention. Site has a list of online publications related to the topic.

Domestic Violence

Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care

The Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care website contains a newsletter, an extensive resource library, patient information, liason directory and links.

Ministry of Health - Violence Intervention Programme

A project from the Ministry of Health, the Family Violence website contains guidelines and reports, resources for health professionals, questions and answers, a guide to the development of VIP programmes including information on training and evaluation reports and links.

National Network of Stopping Violence

The National Network of Stopping Violences' member agencies "work with a wide range of people wanting to resolve problems in their lives caused by violence: women who are wanting to leave or have left violent relationships, children and young people affected by violence, men who want to get in charge of violent and abusive behaviour." Available on the website are information resources and numerous links.

New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse

The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse is a national centre for collating and disseminating information about family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. The aim of the Clearinghouse is to provide resources for people interested in working towards the elimination of family violence.

Women's Refuge

Women's Refuges provide support, information and training to whanau/ families, friends, service providers and professionals who want to know how to support women and their children experiencing family violence. Resources offered on their website include information, factsheets and resources, and links.

Drugs & Alcohol

National Drug Policy New Zealand

The National Drug Policy aims to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders by encouraging the development of strategies and programmes which prevent and reduce drug-related harm.  This website contains information from the IACD and MCDP meetings, news on current policies, Action Plans, detailed information about the various drugs covered by the NDP, relevant publications and links to related websites.

New Zealand Drug Foundation

The Drug Foundation is committed to reducing and preventing the harms caused by drugs in New Zealand. This includes harms caused by legal drugs and illegla drugs. The Foundation focuses on advocating for policies and services and to underscore these efforts it offers multiple documents for download, resources and links.

Juvenile Justice

Youth Court of New Zealand

The website offers extensive information about the form and functions of the Youth Court of New Zealand. Included on the website are links to explanations of the court, information for young people, information for families, information for victims, legislation and decisions, and publications and media.

Law & the Courts

Courts of New Zealand

Includes information about the judiciary, courts and tribunals in New Zealand.  Also linked to the Department of Courts.  Publications are available on-line.

An Introduction to New Zealand Law & Sources of Legal Informationourts of New Zealand

This online guide to the New Zealand legal system provides information on the sources and types of legislations and the court system. It contains a brief section on criminal law.

New Zealand Legal Information Centre

Provides links to websites with general legal information as well as to information regarding specific laws and regulations, such as copyright law.

Organized Crime

Organised & Financial Crime Agency New Zealand

This is the official website of the Organised & Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand, and it provides information about their activities, as well as publications and links.

Police & Law Enforcement

New Zealand Police

This is the official New Zealand Police website, and it provides information about their activities, branches, operations, and squads.

Research & Statistics

Crime and Justice Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington

The Centre aims to provide research, evaluation and consultancy services to the crime and justice sector and to increase knowledge and understanding of issues relating to crime and justice. The website provides information on current projects, a list of publications, and pdf files of research reports.

New Zealand Justice Statistics

Includes crime and justice statistics, access to the statistical yearbook and crime tables.