Administration of Justice

Criminal Justice Initiative, Open Society Foundation for South Africa

The Criminal Justice Initiative seeks to promote democratic governance, accountability, and human rights relating to the institutions of the criminal justice system; to effect substantive improvements in the operations of the justice system, specifically intending to benefit children, women, and young people; and to promote the generation and dissemination of learning with regard to "what works" in crime prevention under the particular conditions experienced in South Africa.  Website includes the full-text of publications of the Institute.

Government of the Republic of South Africa

Provides an extensive overview of the government of South Africa, with links to governmental departments, including the legal system.

South African Law Reform Commission

The Commission "does research with reference to all branches of the law of the Republic and studies and investigates all such branches of the law in order to make recommendations for the development, improvement, modernization or reform thereof." Site includes full text bulletins, discussion papers, issue papers, reports, and research papers on various criminal justice and law-related topics.


Department of Correctional Services

Contains full-text annual reports with statistical information on the prison population. Opens only in Microsoft Explorer, not in Netscape Navigator.

Judicial Inspectorate of Prisonses

Contains information as to the function of the Inspectorate, along with reports and publications available to download.

Corruption & Fraud

SABRIC - Combating Crime in the South African Banking Industry

The site contains information organized in sections titled consumer crime, violent crime. There is also a media center and consumer warnings.

South African Legislative Overview of Corruption, Money Laundering, Organised Crime and Terrorism

A project of the Institute for Security Studies, the South African Legislative Overview of Corruption, Money Laundering, Organised Crime and Terrorism, "this website aims at providing researchers, decision makers and legal drafters with easy access to relevant country legislation from these areas of Africa, as well as with international and regional legal instruments and model legislation that could otherwise be time consuming to find."

Special Investigations Unit, South Africa (Scorpions)

Contains information as to the form and function of the SIU, along with news, reports and publications available to download.

Crime Prevention

Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP)

The Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP), a non-profit organization works to develop, inform and promote evidence-based crime prevention practice in South Africa and, where of benefit to this, in other
developing countries.  The website includes a number of publications produced by the organization.

National Institute for Crime Prevention and Reintegration of Offenders - NICRO

The National Institute for Crime Prevention and Reintegration of Offenders is a non-profit organization working towards a safer South Africa. NICRO offers the offender reintegration, community victim support, diversion and youth development, and economic opportunities projects as varied ways of achieving the goal of a safer South Africa.

South - South Crime Prevention Project

The South-South Crime Prevention Project aims to develop a process of information exchange on lessons learnt and innovative programmes in the area of crime prevention in the developing world with a specific focus on Southern Africa and the Caribbean. This website provides a South-South link that facilitates an exchange of information and scholarly debate among crime prevention practitioners and researchers.

Human Rights

Institute for Human Rights & Criminal Justice Studies

The Institute website offers access to publications on South Africa's ongoing research and programs in the fields of human rights and criminal justice.

South African Prisoners' Organisation for Human Rights (SAPOHR)

Deals mainly with the monitoring of human rights abuses in South African prisons. Presently offers and hopes to offer paralegal services, AIDS awareness, education and training, among other services to prisoners and their families. One can register to receive press releases and newsletters.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

"The TRC effects its mandate through 3 committees: the Amnesty Committee, Reparation and Rehabilitation (R&R) Committee and Human Rights Violations (HRV) Committee." Submissions and transcripts of event and victims hearings of the HRV, Amnesty Committee hearings, and public debates and other documents are available through this site.

Juvenile Justice

Child Justice Alliance

The Child Justice Alliance is a network of NGOs, CBOs, academic institutions and individuals working to ensure that the Child Justice Bill is passed by the South African parliament.  One of the main objectives of the alliance is to ensure that the debates about the bill are well-informed. The website has been developed to give access to a range of documents and resources.

Child Justice, Department of Social Development

Child Justice was established to address the needs and concerns of children.  It describes the work of the agency and the programs available for juvenile offences.

Law & the Courts

The Constitutional Court of South Africa

Offers the latest Constitutional Court decisions in addition to an archive of Constitutional Court decisions (with search options), proceedings of court sessions, information about the Constitutional Court judges, and a general overview of the court.

Guide to Law Online, South Africa

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa

The functions and duties of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) includes the following: to institute and conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the State; to carry out any necessary function incidental to instituting and conducting criminal proceedings; and to discontinue criminal proceedings.  The website includes publications and a knowledge base, directorate of NPA locations, Stories of various court cases, as well as general information on the structure and work of the authority.

Parliament of South Africa

Parliamentary papers, bills, acts, and information on parliamentary committees are available. Also provides a link to the National Council of Provinces, which consists of nine provincial delegations and a delegation of the South African Local Government Association.

Police & Law Enforcement

Institute for Security Studies

Information on the social, economic and political aspects of national security, law and order and defence within South Africa and also wider issues relating to peace-keeping and conflict within the whole of Africa.  Detailed information on its current research and publications and the full text of articles from its journals (African Security Review) are available.

Police Accountability: Promoting Civilian Oversight Project

This is a joint project of the Open Society Foundation of South Africa and the Open Society Justice Initiative.  Its mission is to promote and strengthen civil society monitoring of police conduct; strengthen state agencies and police; highlight current debates; encourage networking; and provide information on police oversight.  The website includes an annotated bibliography on "Research on Police Accountability and Oversight Mechanisms in South Africa: 1998-2003.".

Secretariat for Safety and Security

Provides government with "civilian policy management capacity, independent of the vested and occupational interest of the Police Service." Full-text reports and links to other law enforcement-related sites are available through this site.

South African Police Service

Information on the Service's divisions, and areas of interest (e.g. community policing, crime prevention, and drug education).  Includes quarterly crime reports and statistical bulletins.

Research & Statistics

The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR)

A South African non-governmental organisation provides links to full-text publications on criminal justice and related topics. Its Resource Center has information on issues of violence, crime, reconciliation, human rights, transformation and peace education accessible through academic research, policy papers and popular media articles published by the CSVR.

Crime Hub - The South African Crime and Justice Information and Analysis Hub

This hub aims to be the single most comprehensive source of information and analysis on crime, criminal justice and crime prevention in South Africa. The Hub's highlights include South African Crime Statistics and Maps, Crime Prevention information, and information on the Criminal Justice System.

Institute of Criminology, University of Capetown

The institute is a multi-disciplinary, inter-faculty unit established within the University of Cape Town whose aim is to "initiate, co-ordinate and develop teaching, research and extension services in the broad field of criminology within and outside of the University." Research areas include prisons and punishment, policing, youth justice, gender violence, ecological criminology, and crime prevention. Publications are available through mail on these topics.

Statistics South Africa

Statistical reports and publications that include crime statistics can be ordered here. Demographic and other statistics are available online.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Centre - South Africa

The Restorative Justice Centre seeks to promote restorative justice practices, both within the criminal justice system and the wider community, seeing it as an effective way of resolving issues relating to conflict, crime and victimization.  The website provides information on the Centre's services, a newsroom of newsletters and press releases, and a copy of the most recent annual report.