Administration of Justice


This is a blog and information exchange about criminal justice issues in Scotland.  The blog covers subjects, such as police, prisons, sentencing, victims, courts, crime prevention, and statistics.  Postings are provided by date or topic.  Brief summaries of stories are available and links to the original item are provided.

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary for Scotland

Agency charged with examining and improving the efficiency of the police service in Scotland. Includes full text of thematic reports published by the Inspectorate as well as the full text of reports on various police forces in Scotland.


Her Majesty's Prisons Inspectorate for Scotland

This website offers access to formal and intermediate inspection reports undertaken by HM Prisons Inspectorate, as well as thematic and annual reports. There is also contact information, a Frequently Asked Questions page, and links to other relevant sites.

Scottish Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders

SACRO aims to promote community safety across Scotland through providing high quality services to reduce conflict and offending.  Site provides information on the various services provided by SACRO, as well as links to research reports and publications.

Scottish Prison Service

The Scottish Prison Service is an executive agency of the Scottish Office. This site offers an overview of the prison system of Scotland, including access to recent Annual Reports (with archived copies of past reports). The Annual Reports provide data on prison populations, demographics, staff training, particular problems encountered, disciplinary measures undertaken, and more.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol Information Scotland

Providing a wide range of data concerning alcohol related issues in Scotland. It includes a Statistics section with information on alcohol consumption, crime, economy, health, social work, and community care. This site also includes a searchable publications database.

Centre for Addiction Research and Education Scotland (CARES)

The Centre for Addiction Research and Education Scotland (CARES) is a "Scottish based multi-disciplinary academic centre, integrating clinical, basic and social scientists, with the aim of delivering the highest quality health care and improving health outcomes to individuals and the Scottish community through the development of research and education in the field of drug, alcohol and tobacco dependence.

Drug Misuse Information Scotland

This site supports the implementation of the Scottish Drug Misuse Information Strategy. The site disseminates Scottish (national and local) information, statistics and research relating to drug misuse. Information elsewhere in the UK and Europe is also presented.  The site contains a wide range of links to relevant publications and reports.

Scottish Addiction Studies

Scottish Addiction Studies was formerly known as the Scottish Drugs Training Project, and is based at the Department of Applied Science at the University of Stirling.  On-line teaching and information services to evaluation of interventions within the criminal  justice systems are available.


Department Forensic Medicine & Science, University of Glasgow

The Department of Forensic Medicine & Science is located within the main campus of the University of Glasgow. The website provides background information, research and training information in human identification, forensic pathology, and forensic toxicology. It also has a list of external forensics links.

Law & The Courts

Guide to Law Online, Scotland

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

Scottish Courts

This site provides an access point to information relating to all civil and criminal courts within Scotland, including the Court of Session, the High Court of Justiciary, the Sheriff Courts and a number of other courts, commissions and tribunals as well as the District Courts. The Courts Group is part of the Scottish Executive Justice Department. The information includes location details, contact numbers, advice and details of recent significant judgments. The site is regularly updated with any changes and other relevant information. One can view the full text of court opinions that have been published on the Internet by clicking on the links.

Police & Law Enforcement

Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland

This site offers access to various standing committees on policing, as well as annual reports.

Safer Central

The Safer Central initiatives are run by the Central Scotland Police. This site provides links to various topics and recent news reports.

Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA)

The SCDEA exists to prevent and detect serious and organised crime as it affects Scotland at a national and international level.  The SCDEA plays a full part in the Scottish and United Kingdom response to all aspects of serious and organised crime through effective enforcement and non-enforcement activity.

The Scottish Institute for Policing Research

This is the website for the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR), a strategic collaboration between twelve of Scotland's universities and the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, funded by the Scottish Funding Council. The activities of the SIPR are organized around three thematic networks: police-community relations, evidence and investigation, and police organization. Available for download are research reports and other publications.

Scottish Police Forces Web Site

This is the official site of the Scottish Police Forces, including information on various police departments in the country. Links to local homepages are included.

Research & Statistics

Scottish Centre for Criminology

The Scottish Centre for Criminology is a nonprofit research organization based in Glasgow. Their site offers access to the Centre's research reports and useful links.

Scottish Executive Central Research Unit

The Scottish Executive Central Research Unit (CRU), which forms part of the Justice Department, provides a research service to all Scottish Executive and certain allied Departments such as the Crown Office, principally in relation to social policy. Statistics of Criminal Proceedings in CRU are located within the Justice Department of the Scottish Executive. You can obtain access to this site by going directly to the URL or through the Scottish Executive's Section on Prisons ( Currently, there are branches dealing with the following policy areas: Criminal Justice; Legal Studies; Social Work; Housing and Transport; Regeneration and Planning; Social Inclusion; Local Government Finance; Rural Affairs; and Education. The site contains information about all CRU research publications which take the form of full research reports, research summaries and the various research programmes. Copies of any CRU research findings or research programmes are usually available free of charge from the appropriate CRU contact and many are available on-line on this web site.

Scottish Institute for Policing Research

The Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) is a collaboration between 12 Scottish universities and supported by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS). SIPR's activities are organized around the three thematic networks of police-community relations, evidence and investigation, and police organization..


The Sentencing Commission for Scotland

The Sentencing Commission for Scotland is an independent, judicially-led body which was set up by the Scottish Executive and launched in 2003. The Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the Executive on: the use of bail and remand, the basis on which fines are determined, the effectiveness of sentences in reducing offending, improving the consistency of sentencing, and the arrangements for early release from prison and supervision of short term prisoners on their release. Some full-text publications are available and links to other sites are provided.

Sentencing Observer

This publication reports on sentencing and society developments worldwide through promoting conferences, identifying related websites, and disseminating recent relevant research publications and reports.

Youth & Crime

The Children's Hearing System

The children's hearing system was founded after the discovery that young people appearing before the courts (whether they had committed offences or were in need of care or protection) had common needs for social and personal care.  Site describes the principles of the Children's Hearing System and provides links to publications.