Administration of Justice

Justice, Law and Order sector

Website of Uganda's Justice, Law and Order Sector which is composed of government departments concerned with the administration of justice.  This includes the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Judiciary, the Prison Service, the Police Force and the Uganda Law Reform Commission.  The site provides information on the various departments, as well as full-text reports and policy documents.  Downloadable reports include the following: An in-depth study on criminal justice in Uganda; a study on gender and access to justice' crime statistics from 1997-2001, and a report on sentencing and offences legislation in Uganda.

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

This site includes an explanation of the form and function of the Ministry, bills and acts undertaken in the previous fiscal year, the full Ugandan Constitution, ongoing projects of the Ministry and the continuing focus on reform.

Law & the Courts

Courts of Judicature

A comprehensive site devoted to explication of the form and function of the Ugandan judicial branch. Online content includes judgments, cases and reports from various criminal courts.

Guide to Law Online, Uganda

The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the United States Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information.

The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda

This site is the home page of the Parliament of Uganda. It includes the history, functions, while also detailing the current parliamentary business as well as documents and reports.

Police & Law Enforcement

Uganda Police Force

A comprehensive site devoted to explication of the form and function of the Ugandan Police Force. Online content includes statistics, research and planning, resources, community policing, and police review.