Administration of Justice

Alaska Rural Justice Issues: A Selected Bibliography

Criminal Justice in Denmark: A Bibliography on Scholarly Publications 1945-1999

Criminal Justice System, CORK Bibliography

Environmental Crime

Michigan State University: Criminal Justice Resources, Bibliographies

Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

Capital Punishment

Bibliography of Recent Articles and Programs on the Death Penalty

Capital Punishment - Bibliography

Capital Punishment - Oklahoma City University Law Library

Capital Punishment: Books from the Lloyd Sealy Library Collections

Capital Punishment: Morality, Politics, and Policy Bibliography

Child Abuse and Neglect

Annotated Bibliography of Child and Forced Labor Information - Volume I

Annotated Bibliography of Child and Forced Labor Information - Volume II

Annotated Bibliography of Child and Forced Labor Information - Volume III

Annotated Bibliography of Child and Forced Labor Information - Volume IV

Annotated Bibliography of Child and Forced Labor Information - Volume V

Child Abduction

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child Abuse and the Internet

Child Abuse, CORK Bibliography

Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse

Exploitative Work - Child Labour

National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect


Annotated Bibliography on Prison Rape / Inmate Sexual Assault Revised Edition

Aboriginal Justice and Corrections Research

Bibliography of Research on Drug Issues in Prisons$file/Prisons.pdf

Bibliography on Correctional Privatization

Bibliography on Education in Prison

Correctional Counseling

Correctional Risk Assessment

The Effect of Mandatory Minimum

Electronic Monitoring, A Bibliography by Marc Renzema

Electronic Monitoring

Equal Opportunities in Corrections

Global Bibliography of Prison Systems

Green Corrections: Resources for Criminal Justice Professionals and Community Partners

International Perspectives on Correctional Privatization: A Selected Bibliography

LGBTI: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Offenders (Selected Resources for Criminal Justice Professionals)

Offender Job Training and

Offender Reentry - NIC (Annotated Bibliography)

Prisoners, CORK Bibliography


Programs in Correctional Institutions

Readings and Research on Families, Corrections, and Restorative Justice

Resources for Indian Country Jails:
Selected Bibliography from the NIC Information Center Collection

Resources on Privatization in Corrections: An Annotated Bibliography

Substance Abuse in Corrections

Corruption and Fraud Bibliography

Anti-Corruption: Literature Survey on Corruption (2000-2005),,contentMDK:20850389~pagePK:210058~piPK:210062~theSitePK:384455,00.html

Anti-Money Laundering Literature Search,,contentMDK:20292990~menuPK:461615~pagePK:64156158~piPK:64152884~theSitePK:461606,00.html


Annotated Bibliography of Resources on Identity Theft

Annotated Searchable Bibliography: Organized Crime and Corruption (to 2006)

Bibliography: Anti-Corruption - Policy Documentation Center

Bibliography of Corruption Literature - Asian Journal of Public Administration

Computer Crime Bibliography


Corruption a_selected_annotated_bibliography.E.pdf

Corruption, a Bibliography by Michael Johnston

Corruption and Related  Matters: an annotated biblography

Corruption: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography

Corruption: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography

Corporate Fraud

Corruption, Development and Democracy: General Bibliography

Corruption Paradise in Southeast Europe

Corruption: Transparency International

Criminal Justice Ethics Sources on the Internet


Cybercrime: An Annotated Bibliography of Select Foreign-Language Academic Literature


Economic Crimes

Financial Institution Fraud


Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Money Laundering and Related Topics Bibliography

Political and Administrative Corruption - Annotated Bibliography

Public Corruption

Securities Fraud

Telemarketing Fraud

White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime and Fraud

Crime Analysis

Arson & Fire Science

Bloodstains Bibliography

Crime Analysis Bibliography: The International Association of Crime Analysts

Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping Information Clearinghouse Bibliography

Crime Scene Management

Criminal Profiling Research: Selected Articles

DNA and Policing

Electronic Search and Seizure


Footwear Identification

Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Entomology

Forensic Identification

Forensic Interviewing

Forensic Science Bibliography

Forensic Science


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS/GPS in Law Enforcement Master Bibliography, Second Edition

Geodesign: A Bibliography

Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence-led Policing

Intelligence-led Policing

Major Case Management

Mapping & Crime Analysis Bibliography

Mapping Crime Data


Racial Profiling

Crime Prevention

Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television: A Literature Review and Bibliography

The CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) Annotated Bibliography

Crime and Place Working Group Bibliography






Safe Streets Task Forces

Shoplifting / Retail Loss Prevention

Surveillance: Law Reform Commission New South Wales, Australia

Vehicle Theft Investigation Techniques

Domestic Violence & Violence Against Women

Annotated Bibliography: Addressing the Needs of Older Battered Women, with Special Emphasis on Intimate Partener Violence

Battered Woman, Battered Children, and Custody Abuse - Joan Meier, Esq.

Battered Woman Syndrome: A Select Bibliography

Battered Woman Syndrome

Drugs and Alcohol

Afghanistan and Opium Poppy, CORK Bibliography

Alcohol Beverage Laws, CORK Bibliography

Alcohol Control Policy, CORK Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography of Drug Misuse in Ireland

Bars and Alcohol Sale Outlets

Benzodiazepines, CORK Bibliography

Clandestine Drug Laboratories

Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs

Cocaine, CORK Bibliography

Comorbidity of Mental Disorders with Drug Abuse/Dependence: Annotated Bibliography

Compulsory Treatment,
CORK Bibliography

Court Cases, CORK Bibliography

Crack Cocaine, CORK Bibliography

D.A.R.E. Bibliography

D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), CORK Bibliography

Drug Abuse (Japanese American)

Drug and Alcohol in Literature, CORK Bibliography

Drug Control Policy, CORK Bibliography

Drug Enterprise

Drug Laws, CORK Bibliography

Drug Legalization, CORK Bibliography

Drug Legalization and Decriminalization, CORK Bibliography

Drug Trade and Trafficking, CORK Bibliography

Drug Investigations

Drugged Driving

Drug Policy - The International Society for the Study of Drug Policy

Drugs and Crime

Drugs Trade and Trafficking

Economics of the Drug War

Government Policy, Alcohol; CORK Bibliography

Government Policy, Drugs; CORK Bibliography

Hallucinogens, CORK Bibliography

Heroin, CORK Bibliography


How Narcotics Trafficking Organizations Operate as Businesses

Inhalants, CORK Bibliography

Injury and Accidents, CORK Bibliography

Intravenous Use, CORK Bibliography

A Key to Methamphetamine-Related Literature

Khat, CORK Bibliography

Impaired Driving, CORK Bibliography

Laws, CORK Bibliography

Legalization/Decriminalization, CORK Bibliography

Marijuana, CORK Bibliography

Marijuana and Driving

Media, CORK Bibliography

Methamphetamine, CORK Bibliography

The Measurement and Recording of Alcohol-Related Violence and Disorder

Mexican and Colombian Drug Cartels

Opiates and Heroin, CORK Bibliography

PCP, CORK Bibliography

Rockefeller Drug Laws

Substance Abuse

War on Drugs: A Select Bibliography

War on Drugs


Gun Control

Gun Control: Law Review Article

Gun Control: A Select Bibliography

Gun Control: A Selected Bibliography

Legal Aspects of Gun Control: A Selective Bibliography

Lethal/Nonlethal Weapons

Where Did You Get That Statistic?
A Firearms and Firearms Violence Bibliography and Resource Guide
for Advocates Working to Reduce Firearms Violence

Hate Crime

Hate/Bias Crime

Hate, Crime and Cult, Hate, Fringe, or Militia Groups

Human Rights

Criminal Justice Resources: Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Bibliography: United Nations Inter Agency Project on Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

Research on International Human Rights Law

Human Trafficking

Bibliography of Domestic Service, Forced Labor, and Trafficking in Women in the Middle East and North Africa

Data and Research on Human Trafficking: Bibliography of Research-Based Literature

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Trafficking in Human Beings, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)

Trafficking in Persons: An Annotated Legal Bibliography

Juvenile Justice

CORK Bibliography: Adolescents and Driving

CORK Bibliography: Adolescent Homeless / Runaway

CORK Bibliography: Runaway

Juvenile Crime and Behavior

Juvenile Firesetting

Juvenile Homicide: A Select Bibliography

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice: Annotated Bibliography - National Institute of Corrections

Juvenile Justice Publications of the U.S. Department of Justice: A Comprehensive Bibliography

Juveniles Convicted as Adults: An Annotated Bibliography of Current Research

A New Child Justice System: Two Decades of Research (South Africa)

Rehabilitation of Juvenile Offenders

Youth Transfer: A Select Bibliography

Law & the Courts

Annotated Bibliography on Federal and Tribal Law: Print and Internet Sources

Bibliography on International Criminal Law

Colonial Courts: Bibliography and Sources

Comparative Criminal Procedure

Discussion Paper 33: Sentencing

Excuse: Insanity - Bibliography

Federal Legislative Histories: A Selected Bibliography of Law Journal Articles

Insanity Defense: A Select Bibliography

International Criminal Courts - Bibliography

International Criminal Law: a Selective Resource Guide

Pretrial Justice Bibliography


Sentencing in Canada

Organized Crime

Asian Organized Crime and Gangs

Bibliography of Gang Culture

Bibliography of Gang Literature

Bibliography on Organized Crime

Bibliography on Organized Crime and Corruption

The Criminal Organization

The Effects of Organized Crime on Women & Children

Female Gangs: A Select Bibliography





Gangs: A Bibliography

Gangs, Triads, and Criminals

Labor Racketeering

MARAS: Gangs in Central America

National Youth Gang Center Bibliography of Gang Literature National Youth Gang Center Bibliography of Gang Literature

Non-Fiction Books About Organized Crime, With A Special Emphasis On The Mafia

Organized Crime - Bibliography

Organized Crime

Organized Crime

Organized Crime

Organized Crime and Corruption Bibliographic Database Search

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Prison/Motorcycle Gangs

Russian Organized Crime

Third Generation Gangs and Child Soldiers

Traditional Organized Crime

Women and Gangs

Youth Gang Bibliography

Youth Gangs

Youth/Street Gangs

Police & Law Enforcement

Aboriginal Canadian Crime Bibliography

Aboriginal Canadian Policing Bibliography

African Policing Bibliography

Bibliography on Democratic Policing

Community Policing

Community Policing

Community Policing Electronic Library

Conducted Energy Devices (Tasers)

Costing of Police

Criminal Investigations

Crisis Intervention and Response

Crisis Negotiations

DNA and Policing



Eyewitness Testimony



Genertational Issues in Policing



Integrated policing

Interviewing & Interrogation

Laser Devices and Weapons

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Leadership

Law Enforcement Recruitment and Retention


Lethal and Nonlethal Weapons

Minorities and Policing


Physical Fitness In Law Enforcement

Physical Fitness In Law Enforcement

Police Accountability: A Select Bibliography

Police Administration

Police and Education

Police and Governance

Police Boards

Police Brutality

Police Civil Liability

Police Communications Systems

Police Corruption - Police Integrity

Police Dogs

Police Dogs

Police Ethics

Police Ethics

Police Equipment

Police Executives

Police Leaders

Police Literature 2005: An Australian-Focused Compendium

Police and the Mentally ill

Police Performance: A Select Bibliography

Police: Private Police and Industrial Security

Police Privatization and Private Security Forces

Police Public Relations

Police Regionalization

Police Response to Spouse Abuse: An Annotated Bibliography

Police Report Writing

Police Stress

Police Stress and Suicide

Police Use of Force

Police Use of Force

Police Use of Force


Policing an Aging Society

Policing Innovations

Private Policing: A Select Bibliography

Private Security


Public Corruption

Pursuit Driving

Public and Private Policing

Public Disorder

Racial Profiling

Recruiting and Retention of Police Personnel

Safe Streets Task Forces

Select Bibliograhpy of Scottish and Contemporary Policing - Newly Updated

Shift Systems


Stress and Stress Management

SWAT Team Information Resources

Tactical Concepts

Traffic Accident Investigation

Traffic Accident Investigation

Traffic Safety

Traffic Stops


Transportation Security

Undercover Operations

U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Bibliography

Use of Force

Women in Policing: A Select Bibliography

Zero Tolerance Policing: A Select Bibliography

Restorative Justice

Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding: A Selected Bibliography

Canadian Families and Corrections Network: Readings and Research on Families, Corrections, and Restorative Justice

Readings in Dispute Resolution: A Select Bibliography

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Mission Study: An Annotated Bibliography

School Safety

Campus Shootings

School Safety & Violence

School Shootings

Sexual Abuse & Offending

A Comprehensive Bibliography of Scholarly Research and Literature Relating to Juvenile Sexual Offenders

Denial Among Sex Offenders (Selected Annotated Bibliography)

Juvenile Sex Offender Research

Rape/Sexual Assault

Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing (Books & Articles)

Sex Abuse References and Bibliography

Sex Crimes

Sex Offenders

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Assault Publications provided by Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Data Resource Center

Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Working Guide to the Empirical Literature


Advanced Weapons

Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents
Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001

Bibliography on Future Trends in Terrorism

Bibliography of Political Science Resources on the Study of Political Violence

Bibliography on Terrorism, Bioterrorism, the Middle East, and 9-11 Related Issues

Lone Wolf Terrorism - A Brief Bibliography

Money Laundering and Related Topics


Networked Intelligence and Organization

Operation Enduring Freedom

Piracy and Armed Robbery and Sea

Piracy and Maritime Terrorism

Piracy Studies

Radical Islamic Prison Recruiting

South Asia Terrorism Portal

Suicide Bombers




Terrorism, Guerrilla Warfare/Counterinsurgency/Low-Intensity Conflict, Revolutions

Terrorist Groups & Related Issues

USA Patriot Act

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction


Bibliography of Nordic Criminology

Bibliography of Theoretical Criminology


Annotated Stalking Bibliography

Children and Crime

Disproportionate Harm: Hate Crime in Canada

Internet Child Exploitation

Victims in U.S. and German Criminal Law

Victim-Witness Assistance

Violence & Homicide

Beheading and Ritual Murders


CORK Bibliography: Violence and Substance Use

Elder Abuse

Hate-Motivated Violence

Mass Murder

Personal Safety

Occupational Violence in Australia: An Annotated Bibliography
of Prevention Policies, Strategies and Guidance Materials

Serial Killers

Serial or Mass Murder

Serial Murder: A Select Bibliography

Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women Publications provided by Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Data Resource Center

Violence in Chinese Culture (Annotated Bibliography)

Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Violence in Police Families

Violence Theory, Understanding and Prevention: A Selected Bibliography Developed for
the 1996 Medical Library Association Conference, Global Crisis in Violence.

Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

Youth Violence Prevention Resource

Women & the Criminal Justice System

Annotated Bibliography on Women Offenders: Prisoners, Jails, Community Corrections and Juvenile Justice

CORK Bibliography: Prostitution

Female Offenders & Women in Prison

Gendered Justice: A Select Bibliography

Gender, VIolence and Learning

References for Monitoring and Evaluation - Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Stalking Publications by Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Data Resource Center

Violence against Women

Women & Criminal Justice

Women in Law Enforcement

Women in Prison: A Select Bibliography

Women Offender Issues: Annotated Bibliography