Administration of Justice

Housebreaking in Scotland: Findings from the 2000 Crime Survey

This report presents findings on housebreaking as recorded by the 2000 Scottish Crime Survey.

National Criminal Justice Profiles

Contains information on the criminal justice systmes of Scotland.

Scottish Crime Survey/Scottish Crime and Justice Survey
This report offers crime statistics culled from a survey of over 5000 adults throughout Scotland. It is designed to work in conjunction with the British Crime Survey, which only surveyed residents of central and southern Scotland (but excluded the Highlands and surrounding islands). The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey is the first report of the survey since the 2006 major redesign. The SCJS provides a complimentary measure of crime to police-recorded crime statistics.

Recorded Crime in Scotland

These annual publications present statistics on crimes and offences recorded and cleared up by the eight Scottish police forces, disaggregated by crime/offence group, police force area and council area. Available at the link are reports beginning in 1997 to the present.

Wildlife Crime in Scotland - 2012 Annual Report

A report which details wildlife offences in Scotland in the calendar year 2012, including information on incidences and prosecutions during the year, and on research and advice relevant to those offences.


Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics

This statistical bulletin presents information on activity relating to community penalties in Scotland, mainly derived from Local Authority Social Work management information systems. The bulletin also presents information on the characteristics of offenders who receive community sentences (age, gender, previous convictions and reconviction rates).

Parole Board for Scotland
The primary task of the Parole Board for Scotland is to make decisions or recommendations on cases referred to it by Scottish Ministers relating to release, recall, re-release, and conditions of release of life sentence, long-term and extended sentence prisoners.  The report presents statistical details of the various cases, such as determinate sentence prisoners, adult mandatory life prisonsers, designated life tribunals, non-parole licences, and children and young persons. Tables and graphs included.

Prison Statistics Scotland

This bulletin presents prison statistics for penal institutions in Scotland. Tables and graphs included.
Reconvictions of Offenders Discharged from Custody or Given Non-Custodial Sentences

This bulletin presents information on reconvictions of offenders in Scotland. The bulletin considers the reconviction rates over one, two and four year intervals for all offenders who were released from custody or given non-custodial sentences in 1999.

Scottish Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
Reports statistics on the various services provided by SACRO to reduce conflict and offending and to make communities safer.

Scottish Prison Population Projections

These reports present information on population projections in Scottish prisons, including recent trends in the prison population and the methodology used to produce the projections.

Scottish Prison Service - The Prison Survey

The Prison Survey was introduced to the Scottish Prison Service in 1990 as a mechanism to inform and support the Service's business planning service. The focus of the survey has expanded over the years. Originally, it's scope reflected its role in the planning process in that it focused on the more basic elements of prison life. More recently, the focus has been expanded to seek views on such issues as drug use, program involvement, sentence management, mental health, safety, change, and bullying.

Statistical Bulletin: Crime and Justice Series: Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts

This bulletin presents statistics on criminal proceedings concluded in Scottish courts during 2003. It includes information on the types of crimes and offences for which persons are convicted, sentencing outcomes and the characteristics of convicted offenders. Additional detailed analyses in relation to motor vehicle offences, including alternatives to prosecution and the issue of fixed penalty notices for stationary vehicle offences, are also given.

Young People in Custody

Report from the 15th Survey Bulletin of the Scottish Prison Service.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Abuse Recorded by the Police in Scotland

These reports present characteristics of victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse incidents reported to the police at a police force and Scotland level.

Partner Abuse in Scotland: Findings from the Scottish Crime & Victimisation Survey

Findings from the partner abuse self completion section of the survey which asks about experience of domestic abuse ever and in the past year.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol Statistics Scotland

These reports are organized into four main parts: the alcohol market, alcohol consumption, alcohol and health harm, and alcohol and social harm. Statistical

Drug Misuse Information Scotland

The Drug Misuse Information Scotland Web site provides information, statistics, and research on drug misuse in Scotland.

Drug Misuse In Scotland      

"This report presents the findings on self-reported drug use, and attitudes towards drugs and drug-taking, from the face-to-face Scottish Crime and Victimisation Survey (SCVS). The SCVS focuses primarily on experiences of personal and household crime, and is designed to provide a measure of crime complementary to police recorded crime statistics. However, there is an additional self-completion questionnaire which asks adults about their drug misuse and experiences of domestic abuse. Questions on these topics are particularly sensitive and the self-completion mode is considered more effective in eliciting truthful answers."

Drug Misuse Statistics Scotland

This annual report produced by the Scottish Executive offers findings about Scotland's ongoing anti-drug initiative, and areas such as law enforcement and the health, psychological, and social problems related to drug misuse. Progress to date and future programs are explained. This report is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to use.

Drug Seizures by Scottish Police Forces, 2004/2005, 2005/2006, 2006/2007, 2010/2011

This publication presents figures for drug seizures made by Police forces in Scotland in 2004/05 and 2005/06. The statistics in this publication relate to drugs controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, which divides drugs into three classes A, B and C. On 29 January 2004 cannabis was reclassified from class B to C. Other drugs have also changed classification during the collection period. For the purpose of this bulletin the drug classifications at the end of the reporting period, March 2006, have been applied to all data. This allows historic comparisons within this publication but care must be taken when comparing against other historical sources of information.


Drug Related Deaths in Scotland

The General Register Office for Scotland publishes this yearly report detailing the numbers of drug-related deaths, broken down by cause of death, selected drugs reported, age and sex. Each report includes tables for NHS Board and Local Authority (Council) areas. Links to reports for years 1997 - 2009 are available.

Scottish Executive's Annual Report on Drug Misuse

This annual report offers findings, press releases, and information on how the £100 million budget for Scotland's ongoing anti-drug initiative is being spent. Progress to date and future programs are explained. These reports are in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to use.

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (2008-09) - Drug Use

"This publication presents statistics on adults' experiences of illicit drug use in Scotland since the age of 16. It covers self-reported use in the last month (i.e. the month prior to the survey interview), the last year (i.e. the year prior to the survey interview) and ever (i.e. at some point in respondents' lives). The report also examines frequency of drug use, perceived dependency on drugs, access to drugs, polydrug use and age of first use amongst adults in Scotland."


Firearms Certificates Statistics, Scotland

This site provides annual statistics for the numbers of firearms and shotgun certificates issued in Scotland.

Recorded Crimes and Offences Involving Firearms, Scotland

This annual report discusses crimes reported to the police in which a firearm was reported to have been used or stolen.

Hate Crimes

Racist Incidents Recorded by the Police in Scotland

These bulletins report details of all racist incidents reported to the police, all crimes or offences associated with each incident, and, where possible, details of the victims and perpetrators. It is also important to note that these statistics cover only incidents reported to the police, not all racist incidents.


Homicide in Scotland

This annual bulletin provides statistics on crimes of homicide recorded by the Scottish police. Reports at the link begin at 1997 and go through the present.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking in Scotland

This report presents results from an initial research project carried out by Scottish Government Analytical Services during 2007/2008 to improve the evidence base around human trafficking in Scotland.

Juvenile Justice

Child Protection Statistics

These publications present statistics on Child Protection. Each local authority is asked to submit an annual survey form providing aggregate data for children going through the process of child protection. Figures were collected for the number of child protection referrals, number of child protection referrals that resulted in a case conference, number of registrations, number of de-registrations and number of children on child protection registers.

Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime

Describes the study undertaken to examine adolescent development and offending in Scotland's capital city.  Site allows you to download copies of the research reports.

Law & the Courts

Costs, Sentencing Profiles and the Scottish Criminal Justice System

This annual report provides statistics on sentencing by type of crime/offence, summary courts for each court, and sentencing in district courts for each court.

Criminal Appeal Statistics

This report presents statistics on criminal appeals in Scotland.

Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts

This bulletin presents statistics on criminal proceedings concluded in Scottish courts.  It includes information on the types of crimes and offences for which persons are convicted, sentencing outcomes and the characteristics of convicted offenders. Additional detailed analyses in relation to motor vehicle offences, including alternatives to prosecution and the issue of fixed penalty notices for stationary vehicle offences, are also given.
Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland Annual Reports

Upon the completion of the Jandoo report, the Inspectorate of Prosecution reports have been tasked with producing a thematic report on the handling of race issues by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service. This report was delivered to the Lord Advocate in November 2004 and subsequently published. It contained 12 recommendations all of which were accepted by the Lord Advocate. Additionally the Jandoo report had recommended regular audits by the Inspectorate of the then Regional (now Area) and District Offices of the Procurator Fiscal Service in order to ensure uniform compliance with the Department’s race relations policies and strategies.

Police & Law Enforcement

Annual Report of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland

This annual report presents information on the state and efficieny of the police forces in  Scotland.

Key Scottish Safety Camera Programme Statistics

This annual report presents statistics on: "accident and casualty numbers at safety camera sites, before and after camera enforcement; speeds recorded at safety camera sites, before and after camera enforcement; the number of people caught exceeding the speed limit, or running red-lights, at safety camera sites; and public perception of safety cameras."

Scottish Institute for Policing Research - Annual Reports

The SIPR's key strategic aims are developing policing research capacity in Scottish universities; using this capacity to carry out high quality research of relevance to Scottish police forces; developing knowledge exchange mechanisms to strengthen the evidence base on which policing policy is founded; and developing national and international links with other researchers, practitioners and policy makers. These reports summarize developments, activities and achievements with respect to management and governance; capacity building; research; knowledge exchange and sustainability.

Victims of Crime

Domestic Abuse in Scotland: Findings from the 2003 and 2004 Scottish Crime Surveys

Based on 2003-2004 Scottish Crime Surveys, this summary report contains information regarding domestic violence victimization.

Domestic Abuse Recorded by the Police in Scotland

This bulletin presents statistics on domestic abuse, based on details of incidents of domestic abuse returned by the eight Scottish police forces.

Older women and domestic violence in Scotland - 2008

This report provides an update on literature published since an earlier research project, Older Women and Domestic Violence in Scotland, conducted in 2003-2004 and published in June 2004. The original project was commissioned by Health Scotland and carried out by a team from the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR).

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: Sexual Victimisation and Stalking

These reports look at the extent of sexual victimisation and stalking among adults in Scotland. They are generally divided into three chapters, covering stalking and harassment; less serious sexual assault and serious sexual assault. They include data on the average risk of experiencing sexual victimisation or stalking overall and by different population characteristics; characteristics of offender(s) and data about reporting incidents to the police.