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Alumni Services & Fees

   Rutgers alumni are eligible to use many resources through the Career Development Center. If you are considering a career change, feel uncertain of your future career plans, or seek to advance in your career, see the links below to learn about how Career Services can help!

Informational Links

Access Policy for Alumni

   If you are a Rutgers University graduate, you may utilize Career Centers at any campus statewide. Please read the following policy information carefully:

   Alumni/ae may utilize these services at any campus:

  • Utilize RaiderNet and other online career resources
  • Utilize the Alumni Mentors Network (embedded in RaiderNet) to contact alumni for career advice and guidance ONLY
  • Attend career fairs events (no pre-registration required)
  • Attend workshops, seminars, and employer information sessions (RSVP through RaiderNet)
  • Conduct research in our career library area

Services Restricted To Your "Home" Campus

  • Career Counseling and Resume Critique Appointments must be sought on the alumni/ae's home campus [ Fees may apply and appointments may be limited]
  • Employment Postings - Access to 'RaiderNet' is limited to current Rutgers-Newark students and alumni. Please Note: CareerKnight @ New Brunswick and RaptorLink @ Camden
  • On-Campus Interviews - Alumni cannot participate in on-campus interviews at any campus except by exception made by a requesting employer
Resources & Services for Alumni
  • Alumni Mentors - Consult the Alumni Mentors Network (embedded in RaiderNet) to speak with Rutgers alumni concerning their fields of employment. Hundreds of alumni are willing to provide informational interviews and career advice. Also, register to be a career mentor for others.

  • Career Assessments - Assessment instruments are available in conjunction with career counseling appointments to help with career changes and decision making. [Fees]

  • Career Counseling Guidelines - Discuss career issues with a professional Career Counselor. Types of issues that can be addressed during alumni appointments include: resume writing/review, interview techniques, job search, and career planning. [Fees]

  • Career Fairs - Career days bring alumni, students, and employers together to talk about career opportunities. Events are free to alumni. Career Fair information can be found on this website and includes: the Rutgers-Newark/ NJIT Collaborative Fall Career Fair; the Rutgers-Newark Business School Career Fair; the Rutgers-Newark Criminal Justice Career Fair, the Rutgers School of Nursing Career Fair, and the Rutgers-Newark Spring Career Fair event. The Big East Career Fair takes place each March at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

  • Career Resource Library - Visit our mini-career library and computer lab to research careers, employers, graduate schools, and jobs. Located at 360 King Boulevard in Hill Hall, room 313.

  • College Majors and Career Information - Review your career options by Rutgers-Newark major to learn about, types of occupations by major, types of employers that hire each major, and jobs obtained by Rutgers alumni for each major.

  • Credentials Service - Utilize an online credentials service to support your applications for professional employment or graduate school. Set-up and manage your own personal reference file at . Request letters of recommendation from three professors who know you and your work well.

  • Career Opportunities - Discover available opportunities daily via RaiderNet, Career Shift

  • Reciprocity at Other Colleges - As a graduate of Rutgers University-Newark, you may be able to gain access to the career services offices of your choice around the country. Please email your request to Assistant Dean Thomas J. Hopkins at:

  • Workshops, Seminars and Panels - Attend programs on all campuses.
Alumni Fees

  Free Services for Alumni:

  • Career Fairs: Many career days are held each year to bring candidates and employers together to discuss career opportunities.
  • Seminars: Workshops are presented on topics such as interview techniques, job search strategies, networking, and more.
  • RaiderNet and Career Shift: Provide access to thousands of employment listings and a resume referral database.
  • Alumni Mentors Network: A database of alumni willing to provide career advice and mentoring. Contact alumni members for information and register to become a mentor as well.

  Applicable Service Fees:

   There are no Service Fees for recent graduates within one year of their graduation. Alumni who are more than one year out must request individual appointments through their RaiderNet account.

   Our "Walk-In" Period services are designed for quick resume review, and quick questions for currently enrolled students ONLY.

   *The following fees will apply to all Alumni who are at least one year beyond their graduation date.

  • 1-2 years - $25 per 30 min appointment
  • 2-5 years - $50 per 30 min appoinment
  • 5+ Years - $100 per 30 min appointment

  Strong Interest Inventory / Myers Briggs Type Indicator:    These interest and personality assessments are available to alumni for further career exploration. They are offered at $50.00 each.

Career Center Contact Information for all Rutgers Campuses

   Career Development Center
   Thomas J. Hopkins, Assistant Dean/Director

   Career Center
   Cheryl Hallman, Assistant Dean/Director

  University Career Services
   Janet Jones, Director Employer Relations

Rutgers University Alumni Association
   Some of the most rewarding experiences of university life begin at graduation, when former students enter the alumni community. Alumni are among the university’s most valued supporters. They participate in many areas of its educational and service missions as well as in special events and programs that enable them to maintain campus friendships and establish new contacts with peers. Responsibility for strengthening the relationship between the university and its more than 460,000 alumni is vested in the Rutgers University Alumni Association.

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