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Vocational Assessments...

  Vocational Assessments are utilized to help individuals determine the occupational choices best suited to them. You may take any one or all of the Vocational Instruments listed below on-line. These are recognized assessments with years of data that show they are effective in helping users with their career and life planning decisions. To take one of the assessments listed below you will need to meet with a Career Counselor to recieve your log-in keycode and password. The Career Center keeps testing costs at a minimum but we do have to charge for test purchase and tabulation on the more comprehensive tests.

  • The Focus-2 is a free guidance tool that provides an individual with basic self-assessment and career exploration. It helps student to map out their career goals and choose a major area of study that support those goals. Users of Focus learn to make more realistic decisions about their goals and plans, how to self-manage their careers and the importance of adaptability in times of change. To take the Focus-2 test Click Here.
  • Strong Interest Inventory: This inventory will help you identify your interests and translates them into possible occupational paths. (Cost:$25.00)
  • Strong Interest and Skills Confidence Inventory: This version of the Strong not only helps you identify your interests and translates them to occupations, it also aids you in assessing which skills you do well and which ones are in need of improvement. (Cost:$25.00)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: The most widely used personality assessment in history, the MBTI will help you gain valuable insight about yourself and how someone like you "fits into the world of work". (Cost:$25.00)