Over the years I have collected information from many leading musicians, both jazz and classical, about technique and improvisation. At this stage in my life I find that I am able to sift through and organize the best information out there, as well as what my own experience can offer, to create individual practice plans for other musicians that are highly efficient and that facilitate rapid and substantive musical progress.

My price is $100 per lesson (a "generous" hour--often a bit more than one hour). I often provide the student with PDFs of notated music to practice between lessons (no extra fee for this). I live in Port Chester, NY, but I also now offer lessons and tutorials worldwide using Skype or iChat. You aim your laptop at your piano or keyboard and I am able to see everything--I have a keyboard here where I demonstrate things. Same price of $100 per lesson, payable through Paypal.

Some musicians choose to take an occasional lesson (for example, when i happen to be in Boston for gigs), while others like a regular time of once or twice a month etc. Whatever works for you is fine with me.


I do not work at the Institute of Jazz Studies (IJS), which is the world's largest jazz archive (not a school, as the name might suggest). I'm a music professor in another building.
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