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"A Helluva Piano Player" (Jazz Times, 11/07)

SEE BELOW for info on Youtube videos, Myspace pages etc.

Next Gig: Wed. Dec. 5, 2:30-4pm, Free and open to all. Rutgers-Newark campus concert with the great sax player Jeff Coffin from Bela Fleck's band, me on keyboards, Ryan Berg on bass and Rudy Royston on drums. We'll do some of Jeff's catchy tunes, and some standard songs too. Dana Room, Dana Library.

(CANCELLED: Thurs., Dec. 6 with Nora McCarthy and Jorge Sylvester--will announce when it's rescheduled.)

LOOKING AHEAD: Boston tour, March 18-22. Details TBA. EUROPEAN TOUR Nov.18--12/1, BRIEF REPORT:
All my connections were perfect, I met so many new and old friends, and I taught all the classes listed on my previously posted schedule. A few notes about the three concerts:

  • Nov. 20. I performed one set at the BIM-Huis, the most famous jazz club in Amsterdam, with the terrific saxophonist Jasper Blom, well known bassist Frans Van der Hoeven, and a drummer named (I think) Jost something. GREAT!
  • Monday Nov. 26. Dave Liebman and I both presented keynote talks at the Coltrane conference in Tours, France. We performed a duet concert of Coltrane's music that evening at the Petit Faucheux--it was sold out and well received. I also played one new solo piano piece of mine, which was a "hit"!--the concert was recorded and can be heard by clicking on "CDs," above.
  • Friday Nov 30. I performed a set at the Sibelius Academy with the exciting alto saxophonist Jari Perkiomaki and a superb bassist and drummer. Swinging!
  • Sat. Dec. 1. I enjoyed Derek Scott's excellent presentation about his research on pop music of the 1800s, then took the plane back to the US in the afternoon. I arrived the same day (not Dec. 2, as I mistakenly told everyone earlier!).

CDs, and Podcasts:
YOU CAN WATCH VIDEOS of me in performance by searching my name at YOUTUBE or going to Myspace.com/Lrpjazz. More to come!

-You can watch my entire 100 minute lecture-performance with Jane Ira Bloom, 10/13/07.

-The recording of the "legendary" smoking second set from our Big Apple gig in June (the trio with Ratzo Harris and Rudy Royston) is available NOW at Artistowned.com. There are 4 tunes and each MP3 is 99 cents.

-BOTH OF MY CDS are now at iTunes: Do a Power Search for Porter in genre Jazz, and click on Show All. The old one is at eMusic too, and soon the new one will be added!

My new "live" trio CD Italian Encounter is also available at http://altrisuoni.com/ You'll see it right on the home page but you can also search for my name. The phenomenal bassist (Furio Di Castri) and drummer (Fabrizio Sferra) on this CD are famous in Europe and have worked with Lovano, Brecker, Chet Baker, Konitz, etc., etc. My previous CD Second Voyage is still there too, with Dave Liebman, Dan Faulk, Kenny Wessel, Harvie S, and Marcus Baylor. One track from each CD is at Lewisporter.com

So far Italian Encounter has received ONLY rave reviews! THE LATEST REVIEWS: Thomas Conrad in Jazz Times (11/07):

Lewis Porter must now be known as a helluva piano player who happens to have several day gigs (as a professor, author and consultant)…Porter plays…long rhapsodic single-note runs. "Body and Soul" is a rapt, patient encounter, the melodic narrative acknowledged but time taken for subplots and glittering corollaries.

NEW REVIEW by Jerry D'Souza at allaboutjazz.com:

The empathy between them is remarkable and makes for a delightful concert…. Porter can indulge in a melody and draw it out, exposing its spell charmingly. He illuminates his runs with little spaces and in a welter of notes that tumble and roar. He also has a penchant for unleashing a thunderous chord unexpectedly, but it sits perfectly in the frame of his progression….Each of the musicians brings an enterprising vision and an edge to even the most lyrical of tunes, a prime example being “Lester Young Samba.”…”Again and Again (ii-V-I),” a lovely ballad, is perfectly mainstream. Porter weaves a rich melodic tapestry, his vivid colors brushed with a flurry or daubed with resolute emphasis.

Marc Medwin in AllAboutJazz-NewYork, 11/ 07:

"Body and Soul" traveled the spaceways, the journey back to the head near miraculous…The intense dialogues of Bill Evans' groups are invoked…The originals here are equally engaging…This is a well-programmed and refreshingly varied disc.

Allen Lowe's double CD Jews In Hell is out. (see Allanlowe.com) I am featured on a long piano solo (I use Allan's written theme and then improvise in the style of it; then I get more free); it also features (on separate tracks) Matthew Shipp and my friends Mark Ribot and Randy Sandke, among others.

Allen Lowe's double CD Jews In Hell is out (see Allanlowe.com). I am featured on a long piano solo (I use Allan's written theme and then improvise in the style of it; then I get more free); it also features (on separate tracks) Matthew Shipp and my friends Mark Ribot and Randy Sandke, among others.


-An extended recent WBGO radio interview that i feel good about is archived permanently: Go to www.wbgo.org and go to News, then go to Journal Archive, and click on July 6, 2007.

-I am featured in Episode 21 and 31 of the new Coltrane podcast series, and did some advising behind the scenes. It also features interviews with McCoy Tyner, Billy Taylor, Joe Lovano, etc. Subscribe for free!