Dave Liebman (saxophonist, composer, educator, author)

Lew brings a wonderful combination of a high intellect (check the Coltrane book and others) and a passion for playing; in total a potent combination.

Joe Lovano (saxophonist, composer, educator)

You sound beautiful on piano--glad we had a chance to play some.

Allen Lowe (saxophonist, guitarist, composer, author, jazz historian)

Lewis Porter may well be the most interesting contemporary pianist that I've heard - mastery of every kind of harmony, inside and out. He's got a few new CDs that everyone should check out. An amazing musician who has always played great but who has, of late, reached a very special musical place. The music I play requires a sense of history - not in any dogmatic or ideological sense, but through an ingrained understanding of how jazz got to where it is today - by way of the blues, the American songbook, through Armstrong, Lester Young, Coltrane, Rollins, Ornette, Bird, and up through John Zorn and the post-modernist New Music scene. I have worked with no musician who has a greater understanding of all-of-the-above than Lewis. He is an extraordinary soloist and an always-sympathetic group player.

Judi Silvano (singer, composer, educator)

Lewis, you always play your usual, amazing self!!! I love the interactive energy that you bring to every one of our musical encounters! Several of my students who were there thought you were incredible and I second that emotion!!!

Richard Tabnik (alto saxophonist, educator)

Your playing is a rollicking, profound tour de force that takes the listener on a trip thru jazz piano past present and future in a very personal and unique way. You're a monster, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Gregg Bendian (drummer, percussionist, composer)

Wow. Your piano playing has gone to a whole new level. Really digging your videos!

Derrick Gardner (trumpeter, composer, educator)

I must say that you are a "beast" on the piano. Great playing man!! Also, being one of Lewis Porter's former students, I found his viewpoint of jazz history to be historically accurate, very informative and very insightful. Thanks for "droppin' the knowledge, brutha!!

Noah Baerman (pianist, educator, author)

I had the pleasure of taking Lewis Porter's Jazz Historiography course during graduate school, and it was easily one of the most life-altering experiences I have ever had. That alone would make me a fan for life, but fortunately for me I genuinely love his music. He is a creative, soulful and accomplished pianist who affirms that legit musicianship and scholarly accomplishment can truly enrich one another.

Warren Sneed (educator, Houston High School of Performing and Visual Arts)

Thank you so much for visiting our school and working with our students. You really connected with the students! We'd love to have you back for another visit.

Marc Medwin (pianist, scholar, author)

I often compare your Coltrane bio (which I've read repeatedly and in close detail) to Thayer's Beethoven study--factual, concise, yet introspective and musical (You're musically hipper than Thayer though) and most importantly able and willing to present all in a way that's accessible to someone without years of study.

Steve Galleher (jazz historian, educator)

I appreciate your lightness of being, Lewis, and get so very much from your classes, you have no idea! Your classes are blessings in my life, and, at the risk of repeating myself, you are the best teacher I've ever seen! Your respect for your students is astonishing!!

Bill Bauer (music professor, College of Staten Island, author of the book on Betty Carter)

I'm sure that there are many, many scholars in the world who have as much reason as I do for saying: "I can't thank Lewis Porter enough for all of the ways that he has encouraged me in my career." Of the rewards of the scholar's life, one of the richest is sharing one's ideas with colleagues. Over the years, Lew's belief in me and in my ideas has inspired me to do my best work. He has been a terrific mentor and a wonderful model for me and I continue to follow the example that he set for me as a scholar. I hope I may someday live up to that example, which inspires me still.

One of the most compelling aspects of Lew's work is the utterly engaging way that he presents his insights. I've never heard anything from Lewis that wasn't interesting, by which I mean stimulating, provocative, and funny. I've always appreciated the way that he tucks nuggets of deep thinking into his self-described "rambling" manner. In fact, the unassuming way that he puts forth his ideas can easily disarm a listener into staying open to opinions that, presented more directly, might raise his or her hackles. Only later does the assumption that Lewis has so ingeniously challenged melt away in light of the insights that he brought to bear on it.